Oefen - Revolutionary fitness companion
Revolutionary fitness companion - Multiple private user profiles;
Music, Map and Dashboard to lend a hand; Your personal best(s);
Review your progress with statistics; Yup, there is a color for everyone.


Oefen is the most beautifully designed fitness companion ever, for a mobile device. Oefen is an Afrikaans word for exercise, and for us a tribute to great athletes. This revolutionary app has been designed exclusively for iPhone and gives most stunning and enjoyable experience on a Retina display.

Oefen helps you assess your daily workouts in terms of Calories, Distance, Time and Speed. Select from six types of

workouts; walk, running, cycling, skiing, walk with pet, and roller skating; tap click to seamlessly shift between workouts, do multiple workouts in a session, listen to your music with album arts and map view without losing sight of Oefen Parameters. Share your iPhone with your family and yet sandbox your data via multiple profiles. Oefen comes integrated with Twitter so broadcasting every detail about your workout is fun.

Profiles: Yours . . . is private!

We understand the joys of sharing with friends and family. So, when we set out to design this Revolutionary app, we promised ourselves that we would make it fit for multiple users. That's why we brought the concept of profiles so that your family and friends can use the app without you sacrificing your workout details.

It's not just for family and friends, profiles come handy for coaches too, who are training several people. Profiles help the coach to keep track of all his/her trainees concisely. It means a lot for us to meet everyones needs, that's why Oefen is special.

When you create a profile, you have an option to set four digit password, so that, it remains personal to you; or you can set that up any time through settings.

The App: Free and Full Version

App Icon Enjoy the benefits of Oefen at an affordable price, probably at the cost of a Coffee or Donuts. We are introducing Oefen at $0.99 and this inaugural scheme would expire on 3rd Jan 2013.

App Icon We wanted to put our Revolutionary App in as many hands as possible, so we created a FREE version too. FREE version has all the features of the paid version enabled, except it saves only the last workout data.

Multifaceted: dashboard + music + maps = Oefen

It really needs lot of passion and the mind of precision to craft a lot of things into an app, that is multifaceted. When we started out on the Oefen, we just had one thing on our mind, how can we really bring the elements of daily life to Oefen? The team that created Oefen itself had avid runners and cyclists who on an average week would cover 150 kms. We took everything that we ever wanted for our daily sessions and poured it into the app.


From carefully crafted (literally hundreds of) designs we evolved three main themes for the App; dashboard, map centric and music centric views without compromising on the workout detail itself.

The dashboard presents a lot of details to the user about the workout that is in progress. To achieve a liberal art, we have replaced the default status bar of iPhone with our own so that the feel of naturally available realestate is very high.

Right and Left sweep gestures transform the screen into themes that is either Music centric or Map centric. If you love cycling go ahead and put on the map view and trailblaze the country roads or the urban landscape. If you are in a musical mood put on the music view and get immersed in the music and the beautiful album arts.

Oefen now gives you a reason why you should have plenty of music on your phone and album art for it.

Themes - not just colors, but your personality

Life is nothing but reflection of colors by nature. We have this ingrained to our hearts, that's why we went out of the way to add colors to Oefen. We have spent literally hundreds of hours on them to arrive at perfect, natural and pleasing colors. So, go ahead set your theme and flash it off.

Choose from the seven range of colors fit for your mood. Colorado Red, Spring Green, Sky Blue, Chocolate Brown, Floral Lavendar, Mystic Yellow, and of course the Hot Pink. Let Oefen reflect your personality, wear them on for your daily session, coz Oefen is now part of you.


Your personal fame hall . . . make or break the records


Anything in life without a challenge is less interesting, it goes for your daily workout too. We believe that you are the best competitor for yourself. So, we came up with a personal "Fame Hall" just for you. When we set out to identify what should qualify for your Fame Hall, we consolidated most of the dimensions linked to the Calories you burn; hence, your Fame Hall is completely Calorie oriented.


You can change your workout type in the middle by simply clicking on the circular Carousel on the dashboard any time. Between the start and stop button events everything you do is simply a "Session" for Oefen App; and types of workout you did are "Workout Sub Session". It does not matter how many times you switch between the workout types, the App simply consolidates similar types together. Oh yeah! when you visit the map overview section later, you will see them clearly.

The Fame Hall shows two levels of information for you, your best Session ever and best Workout Sub Session ever. Did we say that your voice assistant will announce it when you break your previous record? Oh yeah she does . . .

Statistics: See your trails . . .

Statistics can get very complicated when there are too many parameters. We wanted to have a very elegant solution that not only captures the vital statistics about the workout but also easier to analyze and share with others.

It requires a very deep understanding of both design and statistics to come up with very meaningful information rendering. We wanted to make sure that we eliminate all the unnecessary elements out of way for the user, so that statistics is as simple as any other screen. For the start we have replaced the traditional notion of calendar with an innovative "Tracking Calendar", this calendar very flexible and you need only three swipes to get to any date. When you experience this calendar you know how much we have simplified it.

The centre "-" always shows you the statistical summary based on all your "Sessions" or "Sub Sessions". You will see only the dates that you have worked in the calendar and nothing more. When you pick a date and "Touch Click" over it, the screen will transform into full blown statistics for the day, further you have guided screens to sessions of the day.


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