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SI Units

Personalize your profile to reflect for SI (km, cms, kg etc) or MKS (mi, in, pounds) measurements so that things on the screen is familiar to you.

Age, Gender, Height & Weight

Oefen calculates your burnout during any type of workout based on your age, gender, height and weight in co-relation to velocity, so that its accurate or very close to any sensor data.


Oefen can assist your workout session with voice feedback. Enabling this, you will receive voice alert during your workout for every km/mi.

Locally yours . . .

Oefen is intelligent enough to understand your local preferences and presents the data the way you have always been used to see. For example, Europe and others use "," and "." interchanged while presenting numbers. Well, we have got you covered on this.


To give very soothing effect and nice presentation we have integrated beautiful "Open Fonts" from "Google Webfonts" project. A beautiful font type setting is like a poem that is part of the text.


You can set a four digit numerical passcode for your profile so that it becomes private and only you have the access to it. By enabling this you will be prompted to key in the password everytime, you attempt to load your profile.

Start Up


You can have many profiles or users defined in the Oefen so that individual workout details are maintained in separate space. This helps a lot if you are a kind of person who shares things with your family or simply if you want to coach others.

Workout Types

Oefen supports six types of workout as of now, Walk, Running, Cycling, Roller Skates, Skiing, Walk with dog (pet). Your burn rate depends on these types and you can jump the types anytime during the session.

Goal oriented

You can set a goal for a session and work towards achieving it. There are three types of goals that can be worked upon, Time, Calorie, and Distance based.


Oefen allows you to assign a route name for your session. If you workout daily at one or more places, you can assign a name to it. Next time when you are trying to start a session at your favourite places, Oefen automatically populates the name you have given.


Oefen allows you to switch profiles in the "Start Up" screen. This is very helpful when many individuals use single device for daily workout.


Status Bar

Oefen replaces the default iOS status bar with its own. The CSP signal strength is replaced with GPS, current time with type of workout you are engaged to, running time (time since the start of workout) and battery state.

Start, Stop or Pause

When you start a session the pause and stop are at the session level. A session can actually have many sub-sessions, everytime you change the workout type from the spin wheel, you actually create a sub-session or append to already existing sub-session.


Suite your mood with different views of your workout session. Right swipe presents your with Map centric dashboard and Left swipe presents gorgeous music centric dashboard, with beautifully tiled (live) album arts.


When you complete your session the app presents you with detailed summary of the session. You also get to see the details of each subsessions that were part of session, swipe across to get to sub-session.


Let your friends and followers know how your session went. Tweet your session or sub-session with Oefen Tweeter helper.

Workout Type Mode

Often people go in a circular path when they workout daily. It would be very helpful to know how many such rounds are done, this feature helps you toggle between "Lap" mode and "Non-Lap" mode.


Oefen dashboard is packed with information that is essential. The dashboard gives information on calories burnt, distance covered, current speed, completed laps, current workout type (highlighted), and current location.


You can toggle between Shuffle mode right from the app, if the same is enabled on the Music app. So, go ahead and add a bit of surprise to the workout.

Sub-Session Maps

In the summary screen you can also review your sub-session on the map. Simply click on the map icon on the sub-session screen to see geo-spatial information for the workout type.

Rate it!

Exalted about the location of your workout? Rate them on the star scale, make them as your favourite routes or tracks.

Spin Wheel

Quickly get to the workout type you would like to switch to during the session. The spin wheel at the centre allows you to go spinning on the types in a circular style.


Right from the workout dashboard screen you can add songs that are stored on you iOS device and queue them up for playback. Music gives you basic controls over your songs within the dashboard. The music icon wears a pair of headphones when you jam the music.

Volume Controller

We have built a beautiful volume controller right into the Music view and Music icon, so that you can control perfect sound level from the app itself.

Auto Signoff

Many fitness Apps hoodwink on the battery life even when they are not being used for assessing the calories burnt. We have got that covered for all our users, by putting the Oefen in a dormant state when its user(s) are idle for more than 10 minutes.

Fame Hall

Most Rewarding Session

Oefen features your most rewarding session in terms of calories as top achievement. You always have this for a challenge to better it.

Best per workout type

Oefen also provides the best session or sub-session for a workout type too. By scrolling through the list of workout types you will be able to re-discover your best performances.


You can put your "Most Rewarding Session" or "Best of" each workout types on to your twitter account when you are on the screen. Social broadcasting has never been this easier for a fitness app.


Sum of all . . .

Statistics in the default mode presents the global statistics; total calories burnt till date, number of days you have done workout, total distance/ground covered so far, hours you have spent in your fitness and daily burnout rate. You can post this to your twitter account to let your friends know how it is coming along.

Intelligent Calendar

Oefen has a very innovative calendar built into it. This calendar shows only those days on which you have done workout. Its three level spin wheel makes it easier to reach for any date in mere three swipes.

Get the details

By tap selecting a particular date you can see the details of every session that you have worked out for the day. It gets better! You can see the details of each workout types under every session. Social sharing and map view are a bonus to these also.



Change your personal information at any time through settings. Apart from your name you are free to alter any other information, for example you can switch to or back from MKS unit, update your age (though we do it automatically), change vocal preference etc.

Tell a friend

Happy with Oefen app? Pass the message to a friend of yours and influence a purchase. By helping us you are fueling the innovation for everyone.

Arrange for your taste

Re-arrange the workout types to suite your needs. Changing this is as simple as moving contacts up and down in Phone app. By reordering the workout types you can keep them a click away to switch over during a session.


When you are done with your session or reviewing the progress you have made through workout, "Log out" and take that well deserved break to relax your muscles.


Flash your color to your friends by chosing one among the theme colors. Oefen offers Colorado Red, Spring Green, Sky Blue, Chocolate Brown, Floral Lavendar, Mystic Yellow, and of course the Hot Pink.