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User Experience Designer


We have great appetite for great designs, and we are constantly looking for a great artist who can capture and depict the mental models into a great art. Great products need great artists to breathe life into them, along side of the insanely great software/hardware engineers. A design must translate the mental model of an idea into beautifully arranged art which dissolves inside the software/hardware; thus achieving greatest experience at the customers' hand and everlasting impression in the mind.

We have got tons of ideas up our sleeves, and honestly we need someone like us to lend us a hand purely in design space. We are looking for a great artist who can fit well into the role, and becomes part of our great innovative team. You would be working with insanely great developers who have already done great feast of work in the area of algorithms, design and large scale systems. We can guarantee you one aspect "You will find the answer to 'why should I work 80 hrs/wk'" over here.

What are we looking for? Well that's simple, a great artist! No catch. If you are a student of fine arts (graduate or post-graduate) or no qualification at all it really doesn't matter to us, as long as you can hear and translate our story into zealous art. However, basic understanding/knowledge of computers is a must.

If you know Adobe Photoshop/ Inkscape/ Coral Draw or any other great drawing application then you earned yourself a preference for the post. However, you will have to clear our 'Guild Test' as part of the interview process to be hired into our Design Group.

If this challenge interests you then send your resume or a short note about yourself to us via e-mail addressed to ( We will schedule an interview with you if we find you interesting. You can grab our attention by attaching pictures of your three best creations. Like we said earlier WE DON'T CARE ABOUT FORMAL EDUCATION, if you happen to have one its great.